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Is it possible to produce skins of the unique design?
Certainly. Send us your design or picture (to get a quality skin with your desirable design or photo, you have to submit a high resolution photo or file M1:1 of at least 200 dpi; file format can differ; photo images must be in TIFF, JPG, vectors must be in AI, CDR, PDF. If these requirements are difficult to understand, just send us the file and we will inform you in case the quality of the file is unsuitable). You can send us a picture of your girlfriend, your dog or car according to the mentioned requirements and we will make the skin you fancy, the skin that nobody else has and will never have.

What is a delivery time of the order?
It usually takes 7 to 10 working days in Lithuania and 2-3 weeks worldwide. In the event of unique and special order, we usually agree on the term most suitable to the client.

How much does shipping cost?
Delivery to Lithuania is FREE. Post expenses are about 2 EUR in Lithuania, 4.50 to all European Union countries and 5.20 EUR to all the other countries worldwide (no matter for one or for few skins). Orders over 44 EUR are delivered for free.

Can I order skins for Mac computers?
Yes You can! In our e-shop choose design for laptop and after that in space “Available Options/ Size” choose one of standard sizes skin for 13’, 15’ or 17’ inches Apple MacBook with cutaway Apple logo, so You’ll be able to leave shining logo uncovered. Others, than these sizes skins (please measure Your Mac’s size with ruler before ordering), won’t have cutaway Apple logo, but You’ll be able to cut logo with razor easily.

Will I really succeed in applying the skin to my computer?
So far, we have not met a person who would not be able to apply a sticker on his table, car or suitcase. You will definitely succeed in applying skin to your laptop, iPod or any other surface. Anyway, if the skin was applied upside-down, or you failed to align it right, you can always reapply it correctly. Watch example video.

How long will the skin last?
Skin is made of durable materials, therefore it will last for several years, provided that you won’t slash it with knife, nervously peel off its corners and do not keep your laptop in acid for a longer period :)

The surface of my laptop is of nonstandard shape. Will your skins suit my computer?
Just order a skin that is a little bit bigger than your computer and you will be able to adjust it to any shape, even the most unbelievable one, with the help of the scissors.

My laptop bears a manufacturer’s logo in the middle that I would not like to cover. Will your skins suit my computer?
Skins can be easily cut, therefore order a skin of a suitable size and you will be able to cut carefully any part of it with scissors or razor. It does not require any special skills, just be careful and accurate.

I liked your skin but I wouldn’t like to cover the whole surface of my computer. Can you offer me a solution?
Certainly, you can order a skin and cut just the part or the parts of the design you fancy and apply them to the places you want. In future we intend to offer you a set of smaller stickers that will not cover the surface fully.

What sort of materials is being used?
We use well-tested materials and printing, that are also used in floor advertising stickers, cars. They’re PVC stickers of weak hold, harmless to the surface. They are colour-fast, UV resistant. Skin is laminated with special laminate, which protects the skin and the surface of your device from environmental impact and mechanical contacts.

Do you offer quantity discounts?
Certainly. If you want to order a bigger quantity of skins, please contact sales@skins.lt and we will discuss with you discounts individually.

I am a computer wholesaler and I would like to order a big quantity of skins tailored to individual models. Could you take an order?
Contact us at sales@skins.lt and we will necessarily make them for you.

Can I order three skins with enterprise logo?
We will take your personal as well as business orders. Please contact sales@skins.lt.

Can you make a nonstandard size skin like my refrigerator or cupboard?
Certainly. Please contact sales@skins.lt and we will discuss the details.

In my free time I do some designer work and I have a lot of skins designs… Could I offer them to you?
Go-ahead people are always welcome :). Contact us at sales@skins.lt and if we consider your work interesting we will definitely agree.


Skins.lt is an EU maker of the best laptop skins, notebook skins, laptop stickers, iPod skins, iPod Stickers, PC stickers, fridge stickers and laptop covers for any laptop or notebook. We have a lot of colourful, original and great designs. Skins are removable and reusable. You can instantly make you laptop unique and brand it with your own personal style. You can also get a custom laptop skin made. Skins.lt - best gift!
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